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PostPosted: 12 Nov 2013, 21:59 

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See subject.

is something "art" when its created with artistic vision?
or when it stirs emotion?
can something created without artistic intention become artistically valuable?
I suppose I'm asking a "what is art" question.
just curious to hear some thoughts.
this is my first topic on this board so if I've violated any rules or made some other mistake please inform me and I'll try my best to remedy the issue!

PostPosted: 12 Nov 2013, 22:03 
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there has been a thread that boiled down to this, and i would recommend that you go over that one first, maybe continue on where others have left off. questions like 'what is art' aside, much of what you mentioned is what this place was created to discuss, and i don't think its possible to condense to a singular answer or a single thread. moth said something in one of these threads that comes closest to my own interpretation, although his wording of it seems at once more sincere and elegant than anything i've ever managed:

Mail-Moth wrote:

I have no general definition of art to propose, because I am not interested in such distinctions. Hence I wouldn't adventure in trying to explain what in this is 'unartistic'. I simply know that what keeps me close from a work, whatever the kind, is the clear signature of a personal skill, and the very subjective feeling that some inner necessity decided of its existence. I know how idealistic and naive it sounds, but to be honest I feel no obligations towards academic discourse when it comes to private tastes.

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PostPosted: 12 Nov 2013, 22:56 
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while I agree with you merz (and mail moth) to some degree, defining "art" is not always a didactic measure even when done academically and pretty much necessary (for some I guess) in making sense of their appreciation for art. Sometimes "I like it because I like it" is not enough.

decouverte- you're asking a stupendously broad question but a starting point would be to learn about art history, put everything you know about art into context, and try to make sense of how Cubism became Cubism, the difference between Modern and Post Modern art etc. Then you'll get a grip on why people make art in the first place and then you can move on to the question of what makes a great artwork- what is great for you, and what is great for others.

There are many artistic things to be found in cinema, literature, design, etcetcetc. outside of what we know to be the art gallery, and in turn what is in the gallery is not always artistic for us. I don't think anybody can tell you exactly what art is but I can recommend that if you're interested you should study it and gain your own understanding of it.

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